Offer valid through January 31st 2017


Content is king, placement and execution is crucial.

There are many facets to building a stronger online presence. The primary focus of SEO is to improve page ranking so your website appears early in search results when users type certain words, terms, or phrases into a search engine. Achieving this goal requires several separate but related activities. Another common focus of SEO is to specify which results populate a search engine listing, keeping desired results first and most accessible.

iStory Media has extensive knowledge of how search engines work, and will perform in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of your website, concentrating on keywords that are not only targeted by rivals, but trending in areas related to your industry. iStory Media stays ahead of trends so that you can receive optimal results. The services provided offer long-term solutions, raising your site ranking through organic search results as opposed to pay-per-click advertising.

The following services will be provided as part of the SEO program

  • An assigned SEO project manager to oversee the program and serve as your single point of contact for program communication. As required, iStory Media's project team may also include additional SEO specialists, web designers, content providers, and other staff.
  • Code developed in the appropriate language (i.e. HTML, .NET, Java) for a properly functioning website with attributes that will display and operate on common user devices (Windows, Apple (iOS), Android).
  • Regular on-site visits for meetings, evaluations, observations, reviews, testing, and other project-related purposes as needed.