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Our Story


iStory Media is in the business of telling your story. We offer excellent marketing and production solutions. A team of experts from all facets of artistic and digital experience have come together to provide a one-of-a-kind representation of your story.

We listen to each client’s narrative and learn about their strengths and goals in order to craft a brand that captures the essence of their business and also serves as an effective marketing tool for years to come.

Our business model is focused on personalized services and collaboration to create cutting edge solutions for your brand. We personally work with our clients to create, manage, and deploy media and custom content. Each package we offer aims to provide the client with the best deliverables for their fiscal and financial needs. We measure ourselves not against our competitors, but by our client’s success.

Life to Legacy

iStory media was founded to provide a service for those who had a story to tell. After ten years, we continue to maintain this goal by providing video and other media-based services to a diverse client base expecting the best quality marketing tools and content.

Woodard Ligget

Our Team

Our philosophy is to be ethically transparent and honest with our clients. The iStory Media team is diverse and made up of creative forward thinkers with technical and strategic skills who listen; then provide their clients with personal and effective solutions in order to maximize their web presence.

Woodard Ligget

After receiving degrees in multiple disciplines, Woody embarked on a career in high-tech providing solutions to a variety of industries.  For the past twenty five years, Woody has been involved in multiple start-up technology and creative ventures including iStory Media.  Woody continues to be the guiding force for the direction of the company.

Carter Earle
Director, Sales/Marketing

We create cutting edge solutions for your business. Carter’s educational background (which includes a MBA), combined with his professional experience, makes him well versed in the field of sales and marketing. He is also a proud veteran of the US Military.

Scott Gregory
Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Scott is an illustrator and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. His work has been featured on album covers, books and trading cards—including work-product for major motion picture properties.

Eva Richards
Marketing Manager

Eva Richards is a designer by education, a project manager by experience, and a well-rounded marketer by both. Her unique skillset in every aspect of marketing, from strategy to creation, has been developing over her 13 years in the industry. Eva has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication.

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